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Scottish Celebrant Services


When the time comes to say goodbye and celebrate a life that has been lived, I am here to help you find the perfect way to do so. I understand that every life is unique and believe that your ceremony should reflect the beliefs and life of the person who has died.

I am here to write the words that speak the story of your loved one’s life.I understand that you only get one chance to say goodbye and the importance a funeral ceremony holds. It is all too easy at a time like this to gratefully accept the first funeral ceremony suggestions made, only to later wish you had done things differently.I pride myself on my dedicated and personal approach to funerals. I will take time to listen to you in the comfort of your own home, hear your stories, build a relationship with your family and gain a true insight into the person who has died.

Every element of the service will be personalised from the music you choose to any poems and readings that are to be included. During the service,I want you to hear the stories through the music, feel the life through the words and see the person through the joining of your family and friends. All the pieces of their life joining together for one last meaningful and lasting tribute.

Your service will offer a true reflection of the personality of the person who has died, sensitively respecting and acknowledging any challenges they may have faced along life’s pathway, but most importantly celebrating the life which has been lived.Planning a funeral service is usually done in a short space of time.I am here to help you through this process from the very start and can be called upon for advice and support at any time. I am here to make sure the whole funeral runs smoothly with your loved one in mind at all times and are here to take the worries and stress of the organisation away from you.

If you wish to plan your own funeral service to ease the burden on your family, i am available 24 hours for a private visit with yourself or with your family members to discuss this. Each service is unique and to your wishes, religious or non-religious.

Weddings and Blessings

On a beach, in a castle, on a loch or a venue of your choice, there are a million picturesque or romantic places to get married or have a blessing. As an authorised celebrant and spiritualist minister your ceremony will be tailor made by myself to give you the chance to have a wedding or blessing at your chosen location.

Traditional options may not suit everyone these days as they are restricted by law, formality and designed around a set framework. A church or registrar service has to be in an approved venue, during specific times and without any personal content. With your tailor made ceremony you do not have to settle for a standard service. I will write and deliver a unique service that reflects your style, your journey to marriage, your commitment and your aspirations for your future together .

As an authorised celebrant I will deliver your wedding ceremony in your chosen location which leaves you free to express your style with unlimited and meaningful touches.These could be readings, poems and symbolic blessings which will fully reflect you as a couple and be inspired by love, beauty and individuality.

I am a registered Celebrant and spiritualist minister through the Scottish spiritualist churches and the Scottish spiritualist college.

For more details on Funerals,weddings,blessings,naming ceremonies,and renewing of vows please submit an interest to myself through my contacts page or by telephoning

07837 537 093 

Wedding deposit pay here there is a charge of £1.95

wedding deposit 11020-15